I can’t believe I missed this one. A runner named Dora Leal served 50 days in jail for stealing a winning lottery ticket from a group of traders at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Leal was a runner for a group of trader at the CBOE that grouped together and bought lottery tickets in the Illinois lotto. They sent her down to check the tickets for them. To her astonishment one of the tickets was a $175,000 winner. She decided to pocket the ticket and told the clerk to keep quiet. Instead he photocopied the ticket and word got out around the store and everyone cheered the young girl. The news got back to the trading floor and the traders called the police. The worst part of the whole story is that even though she was convicted, the stupid girl still says she gave back all the tickets to the traders. The winning ticket has not been recovered and so no money has been rewarded. Photo courtesy of bimedia.net