As you all know, our good ole pal Sammy Israel turned himself in to a police station yesterday on his scooter, but will his lasting legacy in the world’s eyes center around his M*A*S*H theme song-quoting fake suicide note?

Looks like the Fox Business Channel is thinking ‘Yes!’. The network is coincidentally planning a little meet and greet with two stars from that prolific 1970s TV show for today (The name of which is really annoying to type with all those friggin’ asterisks).

Wayne Rogers, who played Trapper John on the show, now runs Wayne Rogers & Co. — a stocks trade investment corporation that specializes in stocks and the real estate market. He will be sitting down at the 4pm edition of ‘America’s Nightly Scoreboard‘ today and having a little chat with his famed co-star Alan Alda. He’s got some new movie coming out I guess.

We here at WSF will certainly be tuning in to see if they weigh in on Sam Israel’s love note to their famous theme song. Probably not, but who doesn’t just love listening to Alan Alda’s incredibly nasal voice? I could fall asleep listening to that on my white noise machine.

And as a final side note, check out Sammy’s beard from the NYTimes article detailing his most recent re-arrest! I didn’t know he had it in him, looks great! Very manly and burly compared to his previous nerd look. But was he channeling Saddam Hussein’s spiderhole fugitive fashion sense?

NYT: Fund Manager Who Fakes His Suicide Surrenders, July 2, 2008