The first wave of tablets after the iPad – call them the iPad echoes – will be hitting the shelves soon, and one of the front runners is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s a tab not a tablet, and we’re not sure why, but it might be because it’s 2 inches smaller in screen size and about 10 ounces lighter than The Mighty iPad. 

How does it measure up otherwise? Well, the details haven’t all been revealed, but it looks like it will be a pretty legitimate challenger, depending on price (something that Apple notoriously inflates). It’s got a similar processor, and runs the Froyo Android 2.2. OS which has gained quite a following so far in the Droid phones. It’s got a 32GB internal drive allowing you to add more capacity with SD cards (which the iPad cannot). But where it really starts to out-class the iPad is with the cameras. 

While the iPad has zero cameras – one of the chief complaints about it – the Galaxy will have two. One 3.2MP on the back, and another 1.3MP front-facing for face-to-face video chatting. It drops this month in the UK, and will be out “in the coming months” stateside, so stay tuned.