Samsung has an interesting new ad campaign out now for their latest mobile professional device, the  Q1 Ultra. It’s basically an on-the-go PC without all those little cell phone style buttons and screens. It’s equipped with a full QWERTY and a big 7-inch screen.

One of the more impressive things about the introduction of this new product is that they got Bob Odenkirk, the man responsible for much of Mr. Show‘s hilarity, to develop a few short sketch comedy-style clips to feature the new gadget. Here’s one of the first ones featuring a new breed of mobile professional – Brothers for Hire (further analysis after the jump):

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That gambling advice ("You did too much gambling, you spent your money there") was particularly poignant.

The style of focusing on the concept of the sketch primarily and using the gadget as more of a product placement works for me.

It sure beats those 2 minute love sonnet-style commercials for other products (Zune, Dare, etc.) with funky artwork and indie rock music meant to show a new gadget as the greatest thing in the world. There’s only so much of that garbage a person can take.

Anyway, also check out the other two ads featuring the Freelance Fireman and the Carousel Booking Agent.

Give us a shout in the comments section with your opinion on the new technique. Yay or nay?

Samsung: The Mobile Professionals