Actor Ashton Kutcher has allegedly cheated on wife Demi Moore—from whom he may or may not have been separated—with a hot blonde number named Sara Leal (the one on the right). Kutcher reportedly hooked up with 23-year-old Leal at a late-night hot tub party in his Hard Rock Hotel suite in San Diego, California. The real question: How hot is Sara Leal? Here are some pictures of her to help you decide for yourself.

Here we see Leal demonstrating the correct way to execute a hand bra.


And here we see her demonstrating the correct way to take a sexy, but seemingly disinterested, cell phone mirror picture.


Leal’s friend appears to be in some sort of street gang, requiring her to wear purple tear drop tattoos on her face.

According to Leal’s bracelet, she loves houses. The plot thickens.


Ten points to whomever can decipher that tattoo.


Apparently she takes that bag everywhere.

In beer pong, this maneuver is known as “distract them with your boobs.” It is highly effective.


The bag appears again. We can only assume she keeps an emergency bikini in there, just in case she runs into any B-list celebrities who want to have hot tub parties. It happens more often than you’d think.


Kutcher’s got good taste, we’ll give him that. Lucky bastard.