If you truly commit to long distance running, you automatically develop good form. After going for miles and miles, your body just adapts. That reminds us a little of Vivid Video actress Savanna Samson.

Made Man sat down with this wildly famous adult film star (and multiple AVN award-winner) to pick her brain about things she’s learned between the sheets. One thing we found out, is that she’s a classically trained ballerina. For the rest of the interview, head to the Savanna Samson pictorial on Mademan.com!

What advantage does a ballerina have in the bedroom?
I never thought I would use my ballet moves in the bedroom but I guess you can say it’s inevitable. I mean in ballet, you stretch yourself to the limit so anytime you lift you your legs over your head while being penetrated is going to be pretty hot.

Is there a particular date that you think is guaranteed to get a guy laid?
You know what, if you are sincere and a gentleman and treat a girl like a lady, listen to her and be engaging and endearing you’ll get laid, I don’t care where you take her. I love to try new things and experience all sorts of things so whether it’s at a sporting event or a romantic dinner, make her feel special and she’ll be yours.