Nothing beats getting a fire going, curling up with your favorite fine wine (perhaps a Pinot or a Shiraz), plugging the cork into your laptop’s USB port, and utilizing the 2 GB of data you’ve previously saved on it.

Can an evening at home get any better? Perhaps if a lady friend is present, but all guys know that on some rare nights the Internet and some videos of idiots getting injured are fine substitutes for female company. Besides the obvious perk of feeling like a suave secret agent (although you’re probably less likely to have saved some evil mastermind’s plans to conquer the civilized world on there than, say, the latest Excel Spreadsheets from work, but you can always use your imagination) the makers of the USB Wine Cork have realized that mostly everything in life goes better with alcohol particularly. So if you’re going to be perusing the interwebs and doing some DLing, why not uncork a bottle and see how much funnier a guy skateboarding off his roof and his friend kicking him in the nuts when he lands is when you’re a few glasses deep. The 2 GB USB Wine Cork goes for $52 and can be found here.