US Airways has announced today that it will cut all snack services on domestic flights.

Starting June 1st, the airline will institute this new policy to cut flight costs. As we reported last week, airlines have been cutting back services due to high fuel costs. They have even started instituting fees for the previously free 1st and 2nd pieces of checked luggage.

A load of old cynics and newspaper cartoonists have postulated that pretty soon we’ll be paying for safety devices and oxygen masks. To them I would like to say: Not funny, guys! Don’t even joke about that crap. Those are serious necessities for proper safe flying.

Before you get all worried on us, there are still some things the airlines hold sacred. According to the CNN Money article:

The airline is still providing complimentary soft drinks.

Hoorah, they can never take our generic Mr. Pibb away from us. But despite Jerry Seinfeld practically making a fortune off making fun of in-flight snacks, they have always been a welcome addition to long flights. I don’t think I would eat a bag of peanuts anywhere else except for on a plane.

Someone should make a Snakes On A Plane spoof bringing light to the dire situation of ‘Snacks On A Plane’ becoming a forgotten relic.

[Enter Sam Jackson stage left, close-up shot revealing a stream of sweat on his furrowed brow, pause for two beats, then exclaim ‘Who is responsible for the lack of motha-f-in snacks on this motha-f-in plane?!’ ]

It could be the ‘thrill ride’ of the summer.

So what else is there to do on a plane besides stuffing your face with snacks? Try joining the mile high club! Or as Arj Barker would say, at least join the ‘Solo Aviator Division’.

CNN Money: US Air cuts snacks on domestic flights, May 28, 2008