Most people have sex in beds, on the couch, somewhere with the ability to sprawl out in a heap of comfortable blankets and pillows.

Sometimes the shower or even the kitchen counter are exciting substitutes. But that’s still so vanilla, isn’t it?

It is according to the 11 women with whom we spoke. We asked them about the wildest places they’ve had sex that they’d like to revisit. Read on for some surprising hot spots.

1. Charlie, 25: “My high school boyfriend and I had sex in the bed of his pickup truck. It was like a scene out of a movie, and no man in my adult life has ever been quite as fun.”

2. Izzy, 37: “On the windowsill of my apartment building, overlooking Fifth Avenue.”

3. Heather, 25: “In the ocean.”

4. Danielle, 34: “I have my own business and had sex in my office after work hours. Now every time I’m working I can’t look at my desk without thinking about it, and it’s totally distracting. So, yeah, my office was for once a good time.”

5. Claire, 27: “I went on a camping trip with a huge crew last summer and there were about eight of us sharing a tent. This one guy and I head back to the tent earlier than the rest and were having sex in his sleeping bag when the others started to come back. We were so into it we just kept going.”

6. Caroline, 29: “Last summer I had sex with a new neighbor on the rooftop of our building.”

7. Audrey, 26: “On a boat, even though it can be a little uncoordinated if the water is rocky.”

8. Maddie, 28: “I met this dude in the airport on a trip and we had sex in the airport bathroom. It was like 4 am, so few people were there yet. We were heading in the same direction so we ended up traveling together for a few weeks after that.”

9. Sydney, 25: “It’s hard for me to be quiet, but having sex in the dressing room at Bloomingdale’s was pretty scandalous.”

10. Alex, 26: “The most scandalous place I’ve had sex was probably the balcony of a hotel room overlooking the beach. It wasn’t too late yet so people were still outside just below us.”

11. Kristen, 28: “In the back of a taxi cab… They don’t have cameras, do they?”

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus/KatarzynaBialasiewicz