Sorry about all the social commentary this weekend but there is a reason I am becoming so adamant about things. As I moved into the role of father, business owner, and trader, I am forced to have a broader view of things. Rather than concentrate on the little things I have moved into roles that have forced me to learn and make decisions based on a larger view. I look at the overall market, then break it down to sectors, and then pick the best trades of those sectors. This has worked very well for me for the last three years. Now back to the program. I send my daughter to a private school and pay a lot of my hard earned income on it. I pay my taxes and have no problem with giving money to the government. I also pay my satellite bill and would be pissed if I only had the choice of one channel. Why do I only have the choice of one school I can send my child to? I am stuck with what the government gives me. Yes I am part of the problem. If the wealthy would quit taking their children out of public schools and putting them in public schools then the public schools would be better. I am not willing to sacrifice my child’s education to make the schools better. What I wish would happen is simple. Monopolies are not allowed to exist in corporate America. Let’s take away the monopoly away from schools. Let’s attach the tax money to each student. Each student represents the same amount of money and wherever they go to school gets the money. They can go wherever they want. Schools would compete for the money and therefore provide a better education to attract students. Rich or poor wouldn’t matter because they are all “worth” the same. The better your school the more students. Bad schools would close and only the good schools would survive. This exact model works in many other countries from rich to poor. They spend less money per student and have better scores than American students. If anyone can tell me why this won’t work please comment. I promise I’ll get less serious on the rest of my posts.