When you book a hotel with your significant other, you instantly know it’s going down the nights you stay there. But have you ever noticed that the sex in your temporary pad is usually better than your mingling sessions at home? There’s a reason for that.

According to recent research, whenever you’re in a new place, your brain produces tons of dopamine, the amazing-feeling neurochemical that affects your moods. That’s the same chemical that also gets released when you work out, drink booze, do drugs, eat chocolate and listen to some good tunes.

And the more you stray away from your regular routine, the more you boost your sex drive. This is a psychological concept called “self-expansion,” according to Amy Muise, a psychology professor at York University in Canada. “It’s about doing things outside the bedroom that enhance desire and closeness, which tends to lead to a greater likelihood of (and better) sex,” Muise told HuffPost.

And what’s better than a vacation? Hotels are associated with getaways, which automatically make you feel more relaxed. And the less stressed you are, the more you want to get down. Makes sense, right?

“For sexual arousal to occur, especially in women, parts of the brain associated with anxiety and stress need to turn off,” sex counselor Ian Kerner told The HuffPost

Start booking those rooms, pronto.

Photo: iStock/ShaneKato