Nerdy girls are cute—there’s no denying that. Likewise, women like nerdy dudes. New research suggests that women actively seek out men who have their noses in books.

Dating site eHarmony analyzed dating profiles in an attempt to figure out what listed hobbies receive the most matches. Researchers found that men who say they enjoy reading a good book receive 19 percent more matches when compared to those who don’t mention reading. The same applies to women, who receive three percent more matches.

If you really want the matches to pour in, you should list which books are your all-time favorites. In this study, guys who said they are fans of the books Screw it, Let’s Do It and Like a Virgin: Secrets They Don’t Teach You at Business School had a whopping 74 percent increase in messages.

Quick question: Do you know where your closest Barnes & Noble is?

Just make sure not to mention anything in the Harry Potter series—it led to a 56 percent decrease in messages for these guys… Womp.

Looks like it’s time to hit the bookstore or the library. Or SparkNotes. We won’t tell…

Photo: iStock/vadimguzhva