“The ones you like only seem to hate you, the ones you hate only seem to date you.” So said the great philosopher Young MC, and he’s right. The internet and phone apps have made the process of finding attractive women a lot simpler, but that doesn’t necessarily mean getting a hot date is any easier. Thankfully, science just might change the game.

A recent paper published in Evidence-Based Medicine says researchers reviewed 86 scientific studies and came up with an exhaustive list of ways we can improve our online dating profiles. Then sex expert Dr. Justin Lehmiller chose three of the best tips and put them together in one quick, handy list. Check it out.

1. Pick a great pic.
When it comes to choosing your profile picture, make sure you choose something that makes you look friendly and attractive. Try one that shows off your genuine smile, with a slight head tilt. According to past research, these two features are scientifically related to positive first impressions.

If all you have is a group picture, choose one where you’re in the middle. You also want to post one that shows everyone in the picture having a good time. This shows that you’re a cool dude who people like to be around and that your friends don’t suck.

2. Be funny
Previous research has shown that humor is one of the sexiest traits a man can have. That’s why you should definitely let your potential matches know that you’re witty, fun and clever as hell.

“This doesn’t mean that you should simply say in your description something like “I’m hilarious,” because that doesn’t really offer any actual evidence that you’re funny,” Lehmiller says. Try expressing your humor through jokes or a witty bio instead.

3. Don’t write a boring f*cking bio
If you want to be successful at online dating, don’t make your bio section all about you. If it’s all about you and what you do, it can make you seem like you have an asshole ego.

Instead, make your bio a solid mix of information about who you are, and what you’re actually looking for. “Research suggests that the optimal ratio in your description is about 70 percent personal information to 30 percent what you want to see in a partner,” Lehmiller says.

Talk up activities you enjoy instead of bragging about asshat-sounding accomplishments. No one really wants to hear about all the money you make or that you aren’t afraid to drop some mad cash on things. Honestly, don’t mention that sh*t at all.

Want even more tips on making your Tinder or other online profile better? Read the full paper here. It includes a bunch of science on coming up with an effective first message, spotting those fake as f**k profiles, and making yourself seem even more desirable than you already are. Good luck!

Photo: iStock/g-stockstudio