Nice guys don’t always finish last, especially when it comes to getting some. Bad boys aren’t always the one to win the girl anymore. A new Psych2Go video just explained why it is officially true.

“Basically, science concludes that the more kind you are, the more sex you will be gifted,” the video says, showcasing a handy line graph that demonstrates as much. 

One study from the University of Guelph and Nipissing University asked close to 800 people about their sexual history and how likely they were to engage in selfless acts like charity work, helping people across the street and donating blood. Researchers discovered that those who were more altruistic had more success in the sex and dating department than those who were more selfish.

In another study, more than 500 college students were asked about their sexual participation and asked a question designed to measure their level of selflessness. The question: “If you won $100, would you give it all to charity, keep all of it, or give some of it to charity?” Like the other study, this one concluded that those who were deemed to be more kind had a higher history of casual sex, long-term relationship sex and marital sex.

So why have we all been told that chicks dig pricks? It’s likely due to the fact that historically, women have been more attracted to men with resources who are also generous with their stuff. No girl wants a rich man who isn’t going to give her any of his dough, you know?

Researchers say that the talk that women are attracted to bad boys is bullshit. Rather, women are into confidence, which many bad boys possess (or at least pretend to possess). But women are also attracted to ambition, humor, kindness, intelligence and emotional availability. In fact, women would rather date nice guys than good-looking men.

The bottom line here? Don’t be a dick and she’ll put out more. You’re welcome!

Photo: iStock/PeopleImages