In case you needed another excuse to get it on, researchers from Oregon State University found that those who have sex before work—either the night before or the morning of—perform better than those who, well, Netflix and chill solo.

These results aren’t exactly groundbreaking since we know sex is a great mood booster—yay dopamine! In the study, 159 married people with full-time jobs were asked to complete three surveys a day for 10 days and record if they had sex, how they felt and how they performed at work, etc. And, apparently, your time between the sheets is directly correlated to your time behind the desk. In fact, employees were about five percent happier the day after getting it on, and they were also more engaged.

“Twenty years ago, tracking your steps or caloric intake would have seemed strange or obsessive,” says the study’s lead author, Keith Leavitt. “If you want to increase wellbeing, this is something we should be giving more thought.”

Leavitt encourages us to do our best at finding a work-life balance and to remember that personal relationships and taking care of ourselves are just as important, if not more so, than work itself. And until your boss starts implementing sex breaks—like one town in Sweden is considering—it certainly can’t hurt to take his advice.

After all, if testing out his theory means slaying at the office, I’ll give it a go. You know, in the name of work.

Photo: iStock/Peopleimages