Robert McCormic finally paid his $241, 000 tab at Scores. Well, at least somebody paid it because it was finally resolved but nobody is allowed to say how or how much. I know strip clubs are expensive but what in the world could you do to spend that much money? Scores ripped that man off. He paid with his job but I hope Scores took no more than 20K for their efforts. In other news, we all know that The New York Stock Exchange officially went public today. Not quite the bang that some other IPO’s have had but all it means is the stock won’t fall back like most of the others. They also have plenty of history. I still like ISE better. I don’t know if you would call it a lesson but it definitely was a reminder of how volatile options can be. OXPS has been getting crushed lately and I’ve watched my account take a pounding. OXPS has been very good to me but I need to take profits sooner. I still have some but not nearly as much as I should. Still love the brokers but its looking like many don’t share my same feelings. There are many good stocks out there that I think are going to have a great year. Garmin, Intuitive Surgical, Apple, ISE, OXPS, Celgene, Martek. You ever notice that TradingMarkets Options for tomorrow always seems to focus on heavy put buying. That option section is worthless. You can just go to Yahoo’s volume page. Matter of fact Trading Markets in general is a pretty worthless page. And last I am officially calling an Apple reversal starting this morning. This is the day it all heads back up. Why? Because I am calling it and I’m due.