The Scubacraft personal watercraft is the perfect solution for the aquanaut who needs speedy and stylish transportation both above and below the surface (who doesn’t?). It can reach a top speed above water of 50 miles per hour on its composite monocoque dual-hull. Then, when you’re ready to dive, you press a single button to enter into dive mode. Underwater, you can descend to a depth of 100 feet, but since it’s not an enclosed submarine, you’ll need Scuba gear and certification.

The Scubacraft is powered by a 4-stroke DOHC fuel injected engine that cranks out 250 horsepower, it’s got an onboard GPS and dive computer to monitor your depth and time submerged, and it’s a VHF radio for surface communication. If you want to ad James Bondian pop-up weaponry, you’ll have to do that aftermarket. It’ll also void the warranty, but that probably doesn’t matter to the type of guy that ads torpedoes to his personal submarine. Buy it here.