Ever dream of running with the bulls, completing a triathlon, chasing a tornado, hitting a hole in one, being a team mascot for a day, challenging a world champ, inventing something or just… helping a stranger? Well, Sebastian Terry imagined those things and 92 others—now he’s not only checking them off his list, he’s also helping others achieve their own dreams with his new show 100 Things, which goes live next week on Go90 and Made Man’s YouTube channel. (For a sneak peek, check out the exclusive trailer at the bottom of this page.)

Seven years ago, Terry had a life-changing moment when a dear mate passed away. He took stock, realized how unhappy he was and created his 100 Things list to put a smile back on his face. His “list” concept gained momentum as he unwittingly created an aspirational and now international brand. He chased his dreams, wrote a book, made speeches around the world and now, through his interactive website, he’s helping others live out their own dreams and desires.

In the 26 episodes of his new series, the always-barefoot Aussie joins up with all sorts of people worldwide and helps them do everything from skydiving to ice climbing to becoming a cowboy. We caught up with him in Santa Monica to talk about his journey, those 100 Things and how you too can live the dream. Check out seven thought-provoking tips—and that trailer—below…

“Why can’t you or I have a life-changing moment right now, where things shift on a dime, where we consider our real goals and dreams and make the choice to pursue them? Why wait till you almost die or whatever? Why must you see the darkness before you see the light?”

1. Use humor to break down barriers.
“My family moved around a lot to different countries when I was young, and I was kind of shy and always the new kid in town. I didn’t know anyone, and you just want friends, you want to fit in. So subconsciously I learned this skill of being able to adapt, to chat with others, and use humor. Laughter unites everyone. There’s nothing better than bringing a smile to someone’s face and then smiling yourself. It’s the same thing with this show. I’m meeting a lot of different people—people who’ve been chosen because of the video they sent in about their dreams—and connecting straight away with them. At the end of the day, everyone likes to laugh.”

2. Quit fearing fear.
“Fear often holds us back from achieving our dreams. Society sets out that we should live a certain way, and doing anything outside of that norm involves change and action. And fear can stop us. Fear itself comes in many forms—fear of stepping outside one’s comfort zone, fear of failure and of success, fear of being known and being judged, fear of being on a pedestal, fear of commitments. It goes on. Don’t let it hold you back.”

3. Unleash the hero within.
“Giving yourself permission is such an important part of what I do. I speak to a lot of people who want to do things in their lives, and the commonality seems to be that they need to give themselves permission just to consider what floats their boat, what action may lead to a sense of fulfillment. That’s the answer to activating your inner hero—to be who you are, to realize your values… and to pursue the things you value and identify with. So, start by giving yourself the permission.”

4. Life is a gift: Don’t wait for some life-changing event to hit you upside the head.
“I was in Canada when I heard my good pal, Chris, had passed, and I thought about him and then me, and what things I could do with my life. It is a blessing this life, and short. Typically, humans wait for something to happen before we act. But the truth is no one has to wait for someone else to die or have some life-changing experience happen. It comes down to you making a choice. Why can’t you or I have a life-changing moment right now, where things shift on a dime, where we consider our real goals and dreams and make the choice to pursue them? Why wait till you almost die or whatever? Why must you see the darkness before you see the light?”


5. Make a list of things that make you smile.
“It’s important for me and for everyone to just laugh. When I created my 100 Things list, after my buddy’s death, I realized I was unhappy generally. I didn’t know who I was, and I wasn’t genuinely smiling or laughing. I have a fairly simple mind, so I put my list together and thought, well, smiling is a thing I’d like to do more, so I wrote down things that I hoped would make me smile if I achieved them. Wanting to be happy as a result was a big element of compiling my list. I had a kind of sheltered upbringing, so I’ve always wanted to open up to the world.”

6. Get on it now, as opposed to making a bucket list near the end.
“I don’t use the word bucket list, which tends to focus on what you want to do before you die. For me, the focus should be on now, on doing things to help you live better. When I started doing this seven years ago, it was such an oddity. Everyone questioned what I was doing, asking, ‘What on Earth for?’ Now, I sense a really positive shift in consciousness, generally, with people. In the upcoming episodes, you’ll see people wanting to achieve certain goals and dreams. We’re moving away from only focusing on financial security and thinking about self-fulfillment more, which is where the 100 Things list comes in.”

7. Deciding #WhatsOnYourList could help you discover who you are.
It’s a very simple question, but what it stands for is, ‘Who are you, who would you like to be?’ And if you truly give that question consideration, it may confirm you’re on the right path or it may change your life drastically. Essentially, it allows you to be you. One thing I’m finding out—I’ve done 71 Things now—is that it really has not much to do with the amount of ticks. On a personal level, I’ve uncovered who I am, that I’m happiest when I’m just being me in any given situation. So whether it’s one thing or a thousand things, it’s about being authentic in every aspect. So the real discovery question is, ‘Who are you?’