I enjoy Seeking Alpha, it’s a decent site. They seem to think they have something special but they don’t. It’s merely an accumulation of writers looking for publicity for their own sites. Every writer would jump ship if a site popped up that could give them more publicity for their own personal sites. Just because they put them all in on location doesn’t make it special, it just makes them first. They brag about giving more than just news, but opinion. Wow, sounds like a blog. It’s just the best of blogs. It can be and will be repeated, and most likely bested. I Bank Coin is based on the same concept but M or “the fly” as he is known , is the lead personality is just a little overbearing and steals the thunder of the other writers. He still has one of the best financial sites on the net. Seeking Alpha just claims to yet I’ve never seen anyone link it or recommend it. Here is the “about” section from seeking alpha

Seeking Alpha was founded by David Jackson, who worked for five years as a technology research analyst for Morgan Stanley in New York covering the communications equipment sector. He left in early 2003 to manage money (long/short) and explore new approaches to financial publishing. After publishing an online ebook about investing in EFTs he launched Seeking Alpha in early 2004. Seeking Alpha has since grown to be the top destination for stock market opinion and analysis on the Internet, and is widely read by finance professionals and serious individual investors. Seeking Alpha has grown into a full-fledged company with professional editors and web developers.

THE top destination. Not quite. And really, it is a real full fledged company and has professional editors and web developers? Sounds like they may try and do this full time. Hopefully someone will come by and do a better job and make a site with personality. Seeking Alpha is everything that is wrong with financial sites. They do it just like everyone else, boring. Hopefully the new WallstreetFighter will provide the news but some fun and personality as well. I don’t have the time to do it all but the team being developed does. The new site will be The Daily Show of Wallstreet, smart and funny. If anyone that writes for SE wants to come over to a site with character, let us know. We’ll be adding writers with investment knowledge and a great sense of humor.