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Who needs warmer spring weather when you have the hotness of actress Ariel Winter’s Instagram page? The 19-year-old Modern Family star just hit 3 million followers, and anyone with eyeballs can see why.

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A recent pic shows off her revealing white one-piece in a from-the-back shot. Ariel captioned the new sunny Instagram post, “The booty’s back in Cali” along with a seasonally appropriate sunshine emoji, of course.

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The booty is definitely back and out of hibernation. And this isn’t the only sexy shot she posted for fans to see, either. She put up a shot of her getting her wild on while straddling a motorcycle with a female friend. (Doesn’t she look like Selena Gomez in the photo?) Also, take notice of the cleverly-placed rip in Winter’s white jeans. You will notice that her ass isn’t just back, but it is prepared to take on the season.

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Don’t get too excited, though. She’s a taken lady, and you can see her beau in some of her pictures, too. But then again, does that really mean anything in Hollywood these days?

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From the looks of it, sexy Instagrams will continue to come from Winter, who has really blossomed beyond her role as the Dunphy family’s nerdy middle kid. If you check out some of her other Instas, you’ll see that she’s all about showing off her ass-ets and glamorous life. And honestly, who could possibly complain?

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Photos: Instagram