Looks like Microsoft is planning a big new ad campaign featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld joking around about how awesome Microsoft products are. Is that not the lamest thing you’ve ever heard?

Don’t get me wrong, I like Seinfeld and I even liked Bee Movie a lot. Everyone can agree he’s a genius that’s still funny and relevant today, even if he was kind of a dick to Larry King.

But obviously this is Microsoft trying to go after the ever-growing Apple, and most notably their Mac vs. PC commercials. I really like DealBreaker-er Joe Weisenthal’s idea for who they should have gotten as a new pitchman:

But you know what would be really cool: If Microsoft poached John Hodgman from Apple. He already plays The PC in the ads, and he totally outclasses the doofusy looking hipster. That would be a coup.

John Hodgman is awesome and wouldn’t it be great to see him in the ‘cool’ spot for once? Either way, I’m not sure how great these Seinfeld/Gates spots will be. Seinfeld seems to appeal more to a generation of computer users that are already fully devoted to Microsoft and Windows. It doesn’t make much sense to reaffirm with a demographic you already own.

But maybe I’m wrong, maybe Seinfeld has some great new ideas up his sleeve that will make us all stop and think about how Vista doesn’t really suck as much as we thought. But wait… didn’t Microsoft also enlist the hilarious comedic stylings of young comedian Dmitri Martin back when Vista first launched? I guess that didn’t go over too well. Although his Clearification spots were pretty funny.

So, ok. I think I get it now. They already tried a funny and young Apple-ish spokesman to laud Vista as the new ‘it’ product, and that didn’t work, so now it’s time to go with the “tried and true”. I really can’t think of anyone more tried and true than Bill Gates and Jerry effin’ Seinfeld. Maybe Morgan Freeman?

Man, I can’t wait to see these new Microsoft commercials so that I can rip on or praise them.

Please let us know your expectations for them in the comments section.

Silicon Alley Insider: Microsoft Hires Seinfeld To Make It Cool. But Is Seinfeld Cool?, August 21, 2008