Conan the Barbarian is hitting theaters soon, and it’s bound to give viewers their fill of bloody sword battles, magical stuff and hot girls decked out in ornate period costumes. Fortunately, the costumes do little to detract from said hotness. Some guys might even be into tiaras and flowing robes. We don’t judge here. In any case, we figured it’s high time to take a look at some of the hottest girls from fantasy films. Enjoy. Rachel NicholsConan the Barbarian Based on the photo above (the only shot of Nichols from the film released so far) it looks as though she’ll be playing some sort of damsel in distress. Or perhaps a super badass sorceress? Could go either way, really. Natalie PortmanYour Highness The image most commonly associated with Portman and Your Highness is one of her in a medieval thong. Which, interestingly enough, is just as revealing as a modern-day thong. Some things never change. You really want to see it now, huh? Fine. Here. Sienna GuilloryEragon Look at that fighting stance. This girl is ready to cut some fools up. Shannyn SossamonA Knight’s Tale Oh, Shannyn Sossamon. Where did you go after almost becoming super famous? Luckily, we have A Knight’s Tale, and all the wacky hairdos you sported in that film, to remember you by . Liv TylerThe Lord of the Rings Somehow, the pointy ears only served to make her hotter. Kelly HuThe Scorpion King Pretty sure the only reason anyone went to see this movie was because of that scene in the trailer where Kelly Hu stands up in a tub of water naked. Turns out the only nudity in the film was The Rock‘s comically oversized pectoral muscles, which are almost like a woman’s breasts if you squint and… actually, no. Just no. Anne HathawayElla Enchanted Now, we’re not recommending that you actually watch Ella Enchanted. In fact, we’re pretty sure doing so automatically deducts five points from your man-score. Still, who could resist watching Anne Hathaway in anything? Man-score isn’t a real thing, anyway. Gemma ArtertonClash of the Titans See that face? That’s a face that says “I am mysterious and possibly a little bit dangerous and if you’re enough of a manly cutthroat warrior I might let you see what’s under this burlap sack I’m wearing.” Diane KrugerTroy In Troy, Diane Kruger played Helen, a queen whose unparalleled beauty brought two great armies to war. Hell of a casting choice. Sophia MylesTristan and Isolde Tristan and Isolde tells the story of an Irish princess and an English prince who fall in love while their two countries are at war. It’s like Romeo and Juliet, except their names are not Romeo and Juliet.