Was it ever really ‘out of style’? Apparently in those uptight 90s, it was more frowned upon, probably leading up to the dot com bubble burst or something.

According to an article in DETAILS (with an insane accompanying photo), those days of piety and restraint are long gone.

Guys like Tim, a 28-year-old married guy in from Santa Monica hooked up with some 25-year-old babe at his office during a few late night ‘editing sessions’ on the job, are taking this new carefree business environment by storm.

There are some statistics to embolden the daring, such as the ones showing that sexual harassment claims have decreased by 21 percent in the past 10 years. The rise of more relaxed environments, and television shows like The Office, which treat workplace romance as commonplace, both contribute to increased promiscuity.

My favorite story from the article is about Janet from New York who made the most out of an uncomfortable situation:

“I became known as the office slut,” she says. Another coworker asked her out, and after she turned him down repeatedly, he said, “Come on, you’ve fucked everyone else in the office.”But instead of reporting him to HR, she used the slut tag to her advantage. “Freakishly, it may have helped my career,” she says. “There was all of this curiosity about me and all of these idiots thinking they had a chance.”

All this inter-office romance and supply closet humping must really kill productivity at these offices. Waaaay more than the often reported NCAA March Madness bracket filling work lag.

The real things you need to be on the lookout for are not the steamy office hookups, but rather those ugly office breakups.

No one wants to hear, “Oh sorry, Tom, the Johnson files were mysteriously destroyed. Along with all the clothes you left at my apartment!”

DETAILS: The Return of the Office Affair, April 22, 2008