Slow down road sign

There is one phrase I find myself repeating again and again in the bedroom — and, no, it’s not dirty talk. Every time we get it on, I have to constantly remind him to slow the fuck down.

I’m not talking about politely working your way around the bases like a gentleman. I want you to score, I really do. But I just want you to take your time sliding into first, stealing second, rounding third, before driving it all the way home.

People always want what they can’t have — especially in bed. Your mission is to move slowly and build up her desire so much that she begs you to touch her. But don’t succumb too her moans too quickly — you’re in charge. Kiss her confidently, but keep your hands above the belt. Use gentle, hot breath to eventually lead your way to her breasts, back, and inner thighs. When you finally go down on her, she’ll be more likely to orgasm in much less time.

The longer it takes you to make it to home plate, the faster you’ll be awarded with an epic grand slam. Patience really is a virtue.