9 1/2 Weeks
50 Shades of Grey was better when it was called 9 1/2 Weeks (Kim Basinger’s presence didn’t hurt)

Even before 50 Shades of Grey became the bedside book of choice, kink has always played a part in the bedroom. Many women enjoy the feeling of being taken, as it allows them to feel abandon themselves to a feeling of total ecstasy. According to Cosmo, 47% of women have experimented with bondage. So if you want to spice up your sex life, a little bit of bondage can go a long, long way. When you’re ready to begin exploring your dominant side, forget the handcuffs and leather and take it slow.

To get started, make sure you’ve talked about it and she’d expressed interest. Watching a porn together can help set expectations and create an environment for sharing your fantasies. When she’s ready, hold her wrists above her head during foreplay. Tease her gently in this position, and keep your hands off her neck — the idea is to get her comfortable in a submissive position, not scare her into calling 911.

If she’s comfortable with that light domination, ask her if you can tie her wrists. Don’t use abrasive rope — you don’t want to ruin the moment with a painful burn. Instead, enlist a soft scarf or tie that will hold a tight knot, and ask her for a safe word that she can use to immediately to be untied.

Mix it up by tying her to the headboard, or by using a blindfold to heighten your sensual power play. As long as you ensure she’s enjoying the domination as much as you are, you’ll be able to get as creative as the book on her nightstand.