By Tyler V

Full disclosure: I’ve never even watched ten minutes of an American Idol episode since the series’ inception. That’s not meant to sound like a boast or even outright disdain for the show; it’s existence just doesn’t enter into the mind of the average male (unless your girlfriend forces you to watch it).

However, it’s hard to ignore a disturbance in the Force of Hotness as great as the one that new contestant Katrina Darrell caused by (gasp) flaunting her body in a bikini during her audition. She tried to sing a Mariah Carey song that judge Kara DioGuardi claimed she didn’t "have the pipes for." But, the votes of male judges Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell still managed to salvage another call-back for Katrina.

With any luck, this will set a nationwide precedent of women wearing bikinis at a variety of formerly verboten events: job interviews, holiday parties, casual coffee dates. A bikini says that you dress to impress!

For your edification, let’s take a look at just a few of the beautiful Idols that are you may not have previously worshipped, starting with the rebellious newcomer.

Katrina Darrell

Ms. Darrell is a model from Chino, California and…at this point, there isn’t much more information out there on the intertubes to elaborate on her origins. She clearly is passionate and ready to produce drama at a short notice. After she was insulted by Ms. DioGuardi, she quickly retorted that the judge’s own demonstration of the scales necessary for the song were, to paraphrase, pretty crappy too. If nothing else, Ms. Darrell is well on her way to at least claiming the title of "The Only Reason Males Have to Watch American Idol." We hope and pray that her swimsuit gimmick will continue and culminate in the eye-popping use of a whipped cream bikini to help her sing "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar. Now that’d be some good television.

Antonella Barba

Antonella is a 23-year old singer from New Jersey that participated in the sixth season of American Idol. She received some amazing reviews from Paula Abdul after her rendtion of Patsy Cline’s "Crazy," but she did not reach any of the higher rounds. Unfortunately, she gained most of her notoriety from the show when a few private, wet t-shirt photos surfaced on the internet and she was not punished as fellow contestant Frenchie Davis was. Since we are distant observers of the show, we won’t speculate on the controversy; although, we always condone consensual wet t-shirt pictorials. We can’t hate something that gives so many men so much joy, and a beauty like Antonella certainly deserves praise instead of scorn.

Katharine McPhee

 Katharine is a gorgeous woman and talented singer that participated in the 2005 season of American Idol. She is originally from Sherman Oaks and she has practiced singing very seriously since the tender age of 2. She wowed the collective judges all season and eventually got to sing a duet with Meatloaf in the season finale. I hope the producers had the good sense to keep Mr Loaf’s meaty frame out of most of the shots so we could an eyeful of Katharine’s beauty with as few middle-aged singer obstructions as possible. Another interesting note: she went to high school with Rachel Bilson.  To answer the Midwesterners out there: yes, every high school in California really is packed with beautiful women, just like The O.C.

Kimberly Caldwell

Ms. Caldwell used her talent and amazing opportunity on the second season of the Idol to jumpstart her career in all forms of entertainment: she is set to host one of P. Diddy’s new shows, star in new movies, and even continue recording music. She is easily one of the sultriest stars to appear on the show, and I can tell that without having seen one full episode. Now that is star power of the brightest kind. Random gossip tidbit: she is dating another Idol star named David Cook. They’d better not let that get too out of hand, or else the show will probably just become another Real World.

Ryan Starr

Despite choosing a stage name that may bring up adult film connotations, Ryan Starr (born Tiffany Ryan Montgomery) lives her life solely for music and family. As far as her exotic good looks are concerned, she seems to follow in the footsteps of other astounding hotties such as Jessica Alba in that she has a very diverse ethnicity: she is of French, Columbian, Irish, and Peruvian descent. She won’t be seen on any more reality tv shows, as she is reportedly dedicated to working solely on her muscial and legitimate acting careers. Let’s hope we get to see more of her hot body and style in the future.

Feel free to check out the rest of the women featured on American Idol by following the link. They’ll put a song in your heart and a smile on your face.