The Ciclotte stationary bicycle reimagines (we thought, at first, needlessly) the design of the classic exercise bike. It’s no mistake that this machine looks like a piece of art, though. It actually was a piece of art in the Milan Design Museum before it was an actual, functioning product.

Looking more like an old-timey penny farthing bike than a sleek, futuristic racer, the Ciclotte is now finally available for commercial purchase. It’s not cheap at $10,700, but consider that you’re buying what is primarily an art piece, and, handily, can also be played with.

It works by way of an epicycloid crank system integrated into the magnetized main wheel (which offers resistance). The body of it is comprised of carbon fiber and steel – and despite appearances, the seat and handlebars are adjustable. It comes with a touchscreen display to adjust your settings, and is available in either full carbon, silver or purple.