It has been said that music is the language of love, and that music can soothe the savage beast. But it has probably always been the case that a beautiful woman can make any song sound sweeter. Here are the pop divas who are both ear–and eye–candy.



Most Popular Song: “Hips Don’t Lie,” Laundry Service

Why She’s Hot: Proving that big things do come in small packages, the petite and fiery Shakira is world-renowned for her soulful voice and unbelievable booty-shaking ability.

How Music Makes Her Hotter: Because of her musical dominance in Latin countries, Shakira is one of the highest earning hotties in the world, according to our good friends at Wall Street Figher.


Scarlett Johansson

Most Popular Song: “Falling Down,” Anywhere I Lay My Head

Why She’s Hot: Any excuse to add Mrs. Johansson-Reynolds to a list of hot chicks is a good one—and her recently released album of Tom Waits covers qualifies her for this list of musical maidens.

How Music Makes Her Hotter: Her album may have received mixed reviews, but any actress willing to go out on a limb and make a very specific album like hers has to be pretty damn daring. Multiple talents and ambition are always sexy.



Most Popular Song: “Lady Marmalade,” Chicago Soundtrack

Why She’s Hot: Mya has been in the pantheon of super sexy R&B stars since 1998. She’s best known for her unbelievable dance moves and sultry-yet-sweet voice. See “My Love is Like…Wo” for video evidence.

How Music Makes Her Hotter: She may sound like a girly-girl, but her predilection for gangstas is well known. A girl who likes bad boys usually has a naughty side herself.

Gwen Stefani

Most Popular Song: “Spiderwebs,” Tragic Kingdom

Why She’s Hot: Stefani’s personal style is probably the sexiest thing about her—from her pop punk days with No Doubt to her solo career, she’s always had a flair for fashion and strong individuality. Plus, she has a gorgeous face and very fit stomach.

How Music Makes Her Hotter: Somehow, she was able to stay sexy even in a ridiculous band leader costume for her video of “Holla Back Girl.” That takes some skill.


Mariah Carey

Most Popular Song: “Honey,” Butterfly

Why She’s Hot: Ms. Carey has changed styles pretty often over her decade-spanning career, but her voluptuous curves and classic smile still drive us crazy.

How Music Makes Her Hotter: Her famous voice spans an amazing five octave range, allowing her to hit everything from the lowest notes to glass shatering notes in the "whistle register," something only a handful of performers have ever been able to do.


Nelly Furtado

Most Popular Song: “I’m Like a Bird,” Whoa Nelly!

Why She’s Hot: Her diverse ethnic background—she’s Canadian, but also has Portuguese citizenship—give her an exotic style and look. Also, though she is engaged, she is rumored to be bisexual. That basically secures her hotness whether it’s true or not.

How Music Makes Her Hotter: She was able to overcome a sophomore slump by collaborating with Timbaland making a hip-hop album. Did we mention that she is probably bisexual?


Christina Aguilera

Most Popular Song: “Genie in a Bottle,” Christina Aguilera

Why She’s Hot: As if her smoking body and pretty eyes weren’t enough, Christina has varied her musical persona almost as often as Madonna, going from good girl to Drrty girl and back.

How Music Makes Her Hotter: You don’t have to feel weird that you thought she was cute even back in her Mickey Mouse Club days now that her career has surpassed Britney’s.

Beyonce Knowles

Most Popular Song: “Crazy in Love” Dangerously in Love

Why She’s Hot: Almost any man would agree that Beyonce is one of the hottest women in music, if not in the world. Her booty is the gold standard for booties all over the world.

How Music Makes Her Hotter: Drop-dead gorgeous in every music video from her early days in Destiny’s Child, Ms. Knowles may be the only reason to watch the same 30-minute loop of videos on MTV Hits.


Kylie Minogue

Most Popular Song: “Can’t Get You Outta My Head,” Fever

Why She’s Hot: This Australian-born singer is one of the most famous woman performers to ever come out of the Outback. She is well-known for wearing scandalous outfits that show off her back side.

How Music Makes Her Hotter: She has been a performing artist since the 80s, and she remains hot even because of their cheesiness.

Lil’ Kim

Most Popular Song: “Money, Power, Respect—w/ The Lox”

Why She’s Hot: As one of the only popular female rap MC’s, Lil’ Kim’s explicit rhymes and hot body satisfy the “dominant woman” fantasies of hip hop fans everywhere.

How Music Makes Her Hotter: Regardless of how many of her lyrics you might remember, no man can forget the unbelievably revealing dress that she wore to the MTV VMA’s in 1999. If you didn’t see it back then, you either hadn’t hit puberty or you were living under a rock. Either way, you owe it to yourself to take another look now.