Congratulations. You survived the holiday giving season. You deserve a gift. Something that one of your relatives should have bought you but didn’t. Something that’ll make your record collection sound better than it’s ever sounded. Something that’ll make your sound system look better than it’s ever looked.

Something like… the RM 1.3 Turntable from Pro-Ject, a world-class record player at a less-than-world-class price.

In the words of the poet Ferris Bueller: This thing is so choice. The first quality that hits you is the appearance. That’s thanks to a custom-made platter, a stainless-steel axle that runs on a polished metal ball, and a factory-installed tonearm with a sexy, 8.6-inch S-shaped design.

Plus, the head shell and arm tube are fashioned from a single piece of aluminum, and the phono jacks are gold-plated.

All of which is to say: It’s gorgeous. (Whether you opt for it in red or black.)

Then there’s the performance. At $399, it feels and sounds like a turntable that costs two or three times as much. That’s courtesy of a quiet running synchronous motor, high-purity copper for maximum signal transfer and lots of adjustability features to ensure the best possible playback. (And not to get too technical, but the drive motor is isolated on its own platform and completely decoupled from the plinth to eliminate vibration transmission.)

Simply put, your old Miles Davis albums will never sound better.

Which reminds us: You’ll want to pick up some old Miles Davis albums.