by Max G.

Yeah, yeah, we know. Easter Playboy bunnies, huh? Real original, Chicki editors. It’s just a great topic to resurrect around this time of year. You get one veiled Jesus joke and that’s it. Quit complaining. Oh, and since the very fine folks at Playboy are (understandably) very protective of their precious depictions of their Playmates in actual bunny costumes, so…we don’t really have many of those either. Searching for them on the net is like going on an easter egg hunt and finding all the rotten ones that you forgot about last year. So, just keep this one in mind as you check out the beautiful babes below.

There you go.

Bridget Marquardt

At 29, Bridgette was asked to move in to the Mansion and be one of Hef’s girlfriends. The Mansion was apparently a scarier place than any of us care to realize — she was soon quoted as saying her career goals include, "hosting a television show …about famous ghost stories or haunted mansions." In 2004 Bridget began filming "Girls Next Door," (along with Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson), a reality show documenting her life with Hef. The show was a success and led to her posing for the magazine several times. She has also hosts her own radio show and has done a number of successful hosting gigs for E!

Jo Garcia

Jo might be the best potential girlfriend of all time. Most importantly, she loves to role play — game, that is. She’s an avid gamer, listing favorites such as the Radiata Stories, Xenosaga trilogy, and that she’s up to "100 hours into FFXII". Naturally, she was listed as Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Year for 2008, after being named Cyber Girl of the Month in October of 2007, and Cyber Girl of the Week for the week of June 18, 2007.

Lauren Michelle Hill

Lauren was booted off Fear Factor’s Tournament of Champions in Season 2, which mostly means America didn’t have their coed-next-door fantasy ruined seeing this sweet-faced Southerner chomp on dehydrated moose testicles. She was a both a cheerleader and heart breaker at the University of South Carolina while studying journalism, and since becoming a bunny has been featured in a ton music videos, including videos for Bryan Adams, Weezer, Justin Timberlake, and Marc Anthony.

Pilar Lastra

And here she actually is in bunny costume, far left…

Pilar is a featured model on Deal or No Deal. When the show began, she held case #26 and then #8, but in a huge upgrade, she now holds case #14. In April 2006, Lastra and the other 25 models from Deal or No Deal were listed as a whole in People magazine’s annual 100 Most Beautiful People. Pilar had a tragic anti-nudity principle, but quickly got over it when playboy came a’knocking. She was quoted as saying, "I figured I should do nudity the right way, not in some cheesy, raunchy film." Pilar is also known for her excellent choices.

Shanna Moakler

Shanna started her hottie career in Pacific Blue in 1998. In a career upgrade in 2005, she starred as herself on the reality television series Meet the Barkers with her then husband Travis Barker, drummer in the rock band Blink-182. Previous to her television career, Shanna was triply Miss Teen USA, Miss New York USA, and finally Miss USA. All that said, she only needs one label with us: gorgeous.

And here’s a few more just for fun…

Jillian Beyor

Alison Waite