After being featured prominently on every media outlet from The Colbert Report to Fox News, the cultural phenomenon that is Twitter is most assuredly here to stay–for at least another six months, or until the keyboard cat phenomenon also fades into relative obscurity. The zeitgeist of brevity is sweeping the nation with a much longer media half-life than the Swine, H1N1 23 ABC flu, and we editors are all about jumping on web 2.0 bandwagons as long as they are driven by gorgeous women. Twitter’s an amazing, and particuarly proletarian, technological phenomenon because it puts dweebs and gorgeous models on the same dialog chains, creating amazing cultural opportunities based on two of our most valued social touchstones: inanity and self-absorption.

In the spirit of nerds being able to interact with internationally renowned hotties without pitching a tent or stammering like a broken Alvin and the Chipmunks record, here’s a few of of our favorite Tweeps (that’s Twitter Peeps for the uninitiated and/or idiotic) described in 140 characters or less. (It really has done wonders for the cult of mediocrity and ADD-ravaged blog editors like myself.)

Natasha Yi

Super sexy model and friend of @break_com. Born in MA, lived in CO and other abbrevs, now rides her Big Dog cycle…HOT.

Brooke Burke

One of the most famous super models of ALL TIME. Frequently tweets about being a super busy, cool mom. Ultra modern, still ultra hot.

Lily Allen


Famous singer, funny tweeter, English with straight, white teeth…she gotz the world on a string. Social Networking launched career? WORD.

Sasha Grey

Adjectives: gorgeous, raunchy, amazing, articulate. Nouns: adult star, iconoclast, philosopher. Fanboy outpouring: SASHA YOU’RE AWESOME!

Adriana Lima

Hottest woman in a country defined by jaw-dropping, soul-renewing, grown-man-in-tears- inducing beauties. Also 5’10". Need we say more?


Prolific twitterer…proliferrer? Regardless, uber famous and hot singer, worked with J-Lo, Beyonce, and Ja Rule…last name=waste of words.

Natalie Gulbis


Many consider her the Anna Kournikova of golf…perhaps slightly more accomplished though? Golf advice column in FHM, gets us tee’d up. Ha.

There’s still PLENTY of other hot celebs who Twitterize the interwebs, so please fill up the comments section with other suggestions and we’ll probablyy do another article about all the wonderful Tweeps out there.