We may be getting to the end of summer here, but as long as the sun is still shining, there will be a need for men to wear shades. And if you’re going to wear shades, they might as well be cool as shit. Enter Woodzee, makers of sustainably source and repurposed gear, and their limited edition collaboration with Maker’s Mark.

That’s right, Maker’s Mark.

See, they took a bunch of barrels the distillery used to produce their trademark small-batch bourbon whiskey and recycled them into unique, hand-charred wooden sunglasses. And they look, yes, cool as shit. Woodzee’s Maker’s Mark sunglasses will retail for $150 and be available tomorrow at woodzee.com. There will be one style available, with more styles debuting in the New Year. Have a look at some pics below, then get yourself a pair. After all, there’s still plenty of sunlight left in 2015.

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