Who doesn’t love a snowglobe? It probably stems from being a kid, where anything you were actually encouraged to pick up and shake was a lot more fun than things you were told not to touch. But that’s the thing: snow globes are for kids.

You might as well put a G.I Joe or slinky on your desk…okay, those would be awesome, too, but you might be inaccurately judged by other people. If you still want to get in the holiday spirit and put something you can shake a bunch of snow up in on your desk, our advice is to pick up the WTF Snowglobe by Urban Outfitters. It’s like reading the minds of the people who look at it… WTF is that doing on your desk? It’s a tongue-in-cheek way of keeping the snowglobe cool and adult approved. Now you’ll probably get a smirk and a thumbs up rather than a judgmental glance. Hell, people will probably even want to come over and shake it themselves. The WTF is going for $12.00 and can be found here.