Whether you’re a staunch supporter of a shark’s right to live or you just want to own the most intense bar of soap on the planet, you’ll be happy to hear about Lush’s new Shark Fin soap bar.

I’m pretty sure that thing will just slice into my skin if I try and lather-up with it, but that isn’t stopping me from wanting to buy it.

And that just goes to show that in a clever 3-part marketing blend of (1.) fancy, girly and unnecessarily extravagant soap ingredients, with (2.) marine life activism, and (3.) random dudes thinking crazy stuff is cool, Lush has unleashed a pretty good little item here. Right now I think you can only buy it on the above linked UK site (silly Brits), so it’ll cost you £2.50, which is about $4.34 American greenbacks.

It’s only a matter of time before the good people at Axe feature this or something similar to it in of their super-manly ads.

Anyone else hankering for some shark-themed cleanliness?

AnimalNY: Shark Fin Soap, September 10, 2008