We’re guessing you’re not an avid watcher of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. But there’s at least one great reason to tune in: Shay Mitchell. She’s 27, Canadian and beautiful—which probably has something to do with her 5.2 million Instagram followers.

So with Valentine’s Day just days away, we caught up with Shay in this (admittedly super pink and girly) video to discuss her worst Valentine’s Day ever, her new dating show with SweeTART Ropes and a bunch of other topics, including her turnoffs (gum smacking), turn-ons (humor) and (somewhat surprising) thoughts on guys who wear football jerseys.

Trust us, it gets better as it goes along, so press play and try not to judge the guy asking the questions too harshly. He’s not used to doing difficult things like speaking in English on the phone.