Something as simple as ordering dinner at a restaurant should be a no-brainer. But I’m terrible at it. I’m indecisive, I eventually order something gross, and then I eat off my husband’s plate. I admit that it’s very annoying behavior. If your girlfriend is anything like me, you might be wondering why she, too, ends up eating off your plate instead. We want to order yummy food like normal functioning adults, but here are a few theories as to why we suck at it.

1. Pressure to try something new.
I usually insist on trying something new from the menu. Why do I feel the need to do this? I do not know. If there is a menu item that I love, I should just keep ordering it. But, instead, I try to be some sort of adventurous foodie with a refined palette, and I order all sorts of exotic dishes that I have no business ordering. Because really, I just want some fries.

2. Attempting to eat healthy.
Like all women (and men), I occasionally worry about my physique. Not all the time, like I don’t really seem too concerned about it when I eat a box of hot tamales at 10:00 p.m. But other times I think, “I should have a salad.” And then I order a salad. As everyone knows, this is always a mistake. A salad is good for an average of three bites, at which point you start wishing you didn’t order a salad.

3. Panic.
This is the number one culprit of my bad ordering. I’m enjoying my dinner companions, I’m enjoying my beverage, I’m perusing the menu (i.e. interrogating everyone else about what they’re ordering). Suddenly the waiter is standing over me, pen poised, staring into my eyes. This is when I panic, look at the menu and order the first thing that I see. Usually it has tomatoes in it, and I really hate tomatoes.

So the next time your girlfriend orders that coconut chicken curry dish that is a super weird orange color, go easy on her. And share some of your fries.

Photo: iStock/andresr