Here’s the thing about fishing games: sometimes their not very extreme. Never did we think that a fishing game would push the way we think about the genre to the point of not only being extreme, but being Mountain Dew-chuggingly, e-droppingly, xtreme. And, frankly, Shimano Xtreme Fishing might just live up to its 90s-inspired name.

First of all, you can hunt sharks underwater with a spear gun. Right away you’ve got to be pretty stoked on that. But, there’s more! As opposed to most other fishing games (like this, and this, and this), you’re able to fish in several different ways. Three ways, actually.

The first is just normal casting like you would bait fish in the real world. It’s probably something you’ve done before, and it’s somewhat exciting because you don’t have to get up at 5 in the morning to do it. The mechanics of the casting are predictable and passable, but at least they’re not as clunky as in Rapala.

The real fun comes in the two alternate methods of reelin’ ‘em in, though. The first, of course, is taking a bow and arrow and shooting the fish from your boat. Why wouldn’t you do that? Seems reasonable enough to us.

The second way to fish (pictured in the header) is with a spear gun underwater. Using the nun chucks you guide your diver through undersea environments, take aim, and fire the spear for a wholly unique fishing experience. And, speaking of environments, you’ll be searching the following for Lunkers: a traditional North American reservoir, a roaring Amazon waterfall, ancient Mayan ruins, the serene lagoons of a southern island, and the shark-infested shipwrecks in a tropical sea.

One more unique feature is that this game, unlike many fishing games, offers a multiplayer option.  Up to for fishermen or women can play simultaneously Like all fishing games (and a lot of sports games, generally), Xtreme Fishing is pretty heavily branded in-game.  But, if anything, it serves to make the experience more authentic since sport fishing on television is even more heavily branded than NASCAR.  Xtreme Fishing retails for $30. [Buy it]