Ever take the drive to your local men’s fashion store looking for a new dress shirt to compliment a suit, some new jeans, or a similarly personal fashion item? Nine times out of ten you don’t find the perfect shirt. They have the right cut, but the neck is a half size too small. You can buy a collar extender, but the makes the otherwise-cool-looking buttons look funny. The perfect shirt is there, but a close approximation is 1/3 the price. There’s a lot of factors that go into it.

Now, there’s a build-a-shirt style web site that takes every one of those factors (and more you haven’t thought of), and puts them in your hands. Shirts My Way lets you customize the cut and color of every aspect of your button up from the bottom up. Short sleeve, long sleeve, French cuff, double pleat….the list goes on (and on and on and on). 

The shirts end up costing about the same as you’d pay in a typical Nordstrom’s (base price of $75), and Shirtsmyway.com (at least for now) offers free shipping anywhere in the world. Makes us want to go to Nepal and order a wildly complicated patchwork shirt just to screw with them. We haven’t received a trial shirt yet – read: order at your own risk. But, if you’re inclined, design your own shirt, right here.