Be one of the first to sport this new line of shirts from Fluent Apparel. Designer Matt Convente, who decided to put his inner-most thoughts onto posters for a senior project in college, has now put them on t-shirts.

Oddly enough, you might find that a lot of his thoughts are ones you’ve had yourself. You’ve heard about wearing your heart on your sleeve? Now, wear it right smack on the front of your shirt. Silently announce things like “I don’t like ordering coffee in Italian,” or “I am awful at remembering names,” or “You think I’m listening to music, but I’m listening to you,” or “Maury Povich is my guilty pleasure.” of course accompanied by appropriate images.

Not all of these are available yet, as the line is still awaiting a full launch. For now there are two designs for sale on the Fluent website, and you can sign up for a newsletter to alert you to when you can go ahead and buy all of them. The shirts are available for men and women, in three different sizes, and are $20 each.