When you go to a store to get yourself a dress shirt, you know right away it’s going to be an ordeal.  If they have your exact size (which is very unlikely), you’ll almost certainly have to get it tailored to get it just right.

And, when you take the price of the shirt and add the tailoring in, you’re talking over $100 if you want any kind of decent shirt.  And you might have to make compromises on brand, color, buttons, etc.  Well, http://www.shirtsmyway.com/ (an aptly named site) takes the guess work out of ordering your dress shirts and does it for less than you’ll likely pay elsewhere.  Enter your exact measruments, of course, and you’ll get a shirt custom fitted to your body.  However, you can also customize any aspect of the shirt you want from the color of the inside of the color to the type of thread they use on the buttons.  And, all of this starts at just $75.  They’ve also got holiday promotions going on where the more you buy, the more you save. So check it out