Best Made Co.

There are thousands of versions of almost every product available online. One Amazon search for say, an axe, brings up more than 39,000 results of varying quality. It was that search for the perfect item which inspired Peter Buchanan-Smith to launch Best Made Co. in 2009, and it all began with crafting the perfect axe. Building on that success, the brand extended its offerings the next year and regularly releases new utility-driven items designed to stand out in a sea of sameness. While you can visit the beautiful store in New York at 36 White Street, the company offers an extensive selection of quality goods online.


The Axe
The product that started it all is available from $140-$350, in various paint treatments and sizes.


Elkskine Chopper Mitts, $82
Would go great with a new axe.


Famous Red Board Shorts, $72
No matter where you’re going, you should always pack a suit.


Cloth Extension Cord, $38
A stylish utility cord you won’t want to hide.


The Strongbox, $28
Clean up the clutter in your life and it put it in something you’ll be proud to display.


Shawl Neck Sweater Coat, $398
The design has been going strong since the ’40s. Best Made claims this sweater can last as long as a dozen run-of-the-mill wool cardigans.


Hudsalve, $12
Designed for the Swedish military, this multi-purpose protectant is good for lips, face, elbows, hands and feet.


Enamel Steel Cup, $32
A camp classic you’ll want to use at home.


Brass Fish Hook Clip, $28
Say goodbye to cheap plastic key chains and upgrade to something timeless.


8 oz. flask, $98
A stylish sanctuary for your roaming spirits.


The Field Shirt, $165
Comfort-first, it’s designed to be worn year-round.