This is a question I ask myself every day. I am surrounded by it. I have as much information on corn as anyone in the world. You see, I live in Central Illinois and live within a mile of the University of Illinois. These two together spell corn. I also am in a running groups with one of the foremost experts in the country and maybe the world on business ag. Here is the info I have gathered. The amount of corn the world is going to need is growing dramatically. In contrast, America can produce as much corn as needed provided there isn’t some catastrophic weather event. We could easily produce 4 times as much corn as we do now. The talk is ethanol. Oil is considered high (it really isn’t when compared to the past but that’s for another article) and so the ethanol talks are heating up again. Corn is at historical lows. If prices are at their lowest does that mean they need to go up? It’s supply and demand and we can grow pretty much any amount we need. Brazil is not very good at growing corn but can grow the hell out of soy beans. This is true but back to the original statement of the US being able to grow enough corn for the world. In summary, I just don’t see why corn should be much higher. If Soy Beans were to skyrocket in price, theoretically corn could rise because farmers will put more beans into the field leaving less acreage for corn. I’ll be keeping my money out of the grains. Sugar? Again a whole other article but have you seen the general public? It looks like most people eat a few pounds an hour but I have no other data.