Nothing’s worse than hopping under a shower only to find out the water didn’t warm quite as fast as you thought. All of a sudden it feels like you’re floating in the Atlantic and Leo is telling you he’ll never let go.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of servant to test the water before you got in there? But then, who would want that terrible, terrible job? It’s like testing the king’s food for poison–if your job is necessary, then you’re dead. Here’s a solution: the LED Color Changing Shower Head. The LED lights will change according to the temperature of the water so you can see what you’re getting yourself into. Green is freezing, blue is a little warmer, red is hot, and blinking red means it may melt your skin. Aren’t you glad you were warned first? And if you’re not worried about water temperature, you can change the color to whatever you prefer, to set the mood if you will. You can even set the light to change automatically with a fader. And so you don’t have to reach up to switch buttons, it comes equipped with a remote that you can hold in your hand, a lot easier than a bar of soap. Beset of all the LED Color Changing Shower Head is only $12.94 and can be found here.