Gentlemen, the time has come. The time… for Movember!

Yes, Movember, which you may know is the largest source of funding for prostate cancer research in the world. They also raise money for testicular cancer research. How? Through the power of that eternal symbol of masculinity, the moustache.

It’s simple, really. You begin Movember (the month formerly known as November) with a clean-shaven face, then grow a moustache and get friends, family members and random people on the street to sponsor it. Sound crazy? Last year, more than a million people participated, and to date the charity has raised close to half a billion bucks. Thinking about joining them? Here are three great reasons to give growing a mo a go.

1. You raise money
Come on, how much easier is this than running a 10K? You stop shaving, fewer people die of prostate and testicular cancers. You can also set up secondary fundraisers—anything from a bake sale to a concert to an office party. Whatever gets people to cough up cash for a fantastic cause.

2. You increase awareness
Every time someone asks what’s up with your moustache, have a conversation about Movember. Girls will be impressed, guys will want to follow you. You’re going to get asked at least ten times per day. This gives you ten chances to talk about men’s health and what we can do about to improve it. Times 30.

They come in all shapes and sizes. But when they’re for a cause all moustaches are equal.

3. You join a whole new crew
One of the coolest parts of growing a moustache in Movember is the sense of community. You’ll be walking down the street, see another dude uncomfortably sporting some upper lip hair and give each other a glance of approval. That’s the brotherhood you’ll enter during Movember. You can even gather your buddies and compete for facial hair and funds. And that’s where we come in. As official Movember partners for the third year in a row, we want you to join our mo growing team. Join your community to are and together we can rule the month. Raise $50 and get a limited edition Made Man Mo Tee! So what are you waiting for? Join MADE MEN ARE MO’ED MEN and become part of Generation Moustache today!