I love to run, especially marathons so my doctor says to hydrate I need to be drinking 10 glasses of water a day. I like Gatoraide endurance but don’t need that many calories so I went out looking for some good flavored water. I came across a water that wasn’t flavored but there must be something special. Why? Because its frikin $38 a bottle. It’s called Bling H2O. “Pop Culture in a bottle” is how the web site describes it. The bottle has some jewels on it and it a nice bottle but the water is just some water out of Vanleer, Tennessee. I bet the locals had no idea they had water worth 100 times the price of oil. I have to admit I have never tried the water but if the makers, Fine Waters, would like to send me a bottle I would be happy to try it out. They put the water into Hollywood by giving away free bottles to stars and musicians. In turn they have the paparazzi take some photos, find out what they’re drinking, and boom every person in America wishes they could afford it. If you never drink the water pay attention to the branding and the marketing. It can teach you how to make money out of water.