You have built up a collection of enough mouse pads to actually make a couch out of them

Your idea of party is for everyone to sit around and watch Digg Swarm.

You actually own a Geek-a-Cycle

Boing Boing puts up an article about a Geek Christmas wreath and you actually build one

This warning sign pops up every hour on the hour

You feel so strong about your browser than you are willing to wear a shirt that bashes the other browsers.

The back of your car is set up better than most wallstreet trading desks.

Your mouse looks like this

You know you’ve been on the computer too long when you understand what this message means. (Apple user definitely don’t)

You pull up a table to the shitter.

All you see in this picture is a really cool T-Shirt you’d love to show off to your friends.

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