The Garage Sale Posters on every corner are now covered with this

Your briefcase has been filled with the “horses head of the 2000’s”
dirty diapers.

The local McDonalds billboard has been replaced by a personal

You get this letter

Your car gets “pimped” fatal attraction style

You parachute feel just a bit heavier than last jump. From this
week’s news.

The normal cat prints on the car look a bit different this morning

First round you buy her a “Will you marry me” flying banner.
Second round she get you this one

Your girlfriend starts a blog on your hood

Your husband has the condom machine removed from the bedroom

You get the “Don’t touch my wife” rock as an early birthday present

All your pictures in your house have been “Alice Coopered”

Yesterday you were worried about getting food between the seats and today you are trying to figure out what air freshner goes with red and black.

Your car looks as if someone thought there could be gold under your hood.