Last night we had the chance to attend a very cool event at New York’s Rose Space Center and Planetarium. With music and cocktails and Sir Richard Branson, the gala toasted the official partnership of Grey Goose and Virgin Galactic.

The intellectual highlight, however, was a “Virgin Disruptors” panel featuring Branson and several other thought leaders discussing the future of travel. Topics ran the gamut, but our ears really perked up when Bertrand Piccard—a Swiss adventurer who flew a solar plane across the country last year—raved about the true potential of commercial space travel.

His vision is that in the future, we will be able to fly up into space at a 45-degree angle and then descend back toward earth using gravity as fuel. Why? To get across the planet very quickly, that’s why. In his estimation, from the United States to Australia in an hour or two.


Up till now, we’d never really considered what Branson’s dream of space travel for the masses—or at least people with a quarter million spare clams—could mean beyond a rocket boost of inspiration. But as soon as we heard this notion, we got pretty stoked.

Is what Piccard proposing practically possible? We have no idea, but we certainly like how he’s thinking, and based on the video below, Branson agrees. So boys, all we can say is, good luck! Oh, and if you happen to have any extra seats on the ship, we’re ready…