I’m making these numbers up but that’s what I figure Sirius will end up paying for the subscribers Stern brings in. They’ve added 2 million subscribers in about 2 years but there is no way all those ears came to hear Stern. I know several that hate him. Despite the people who just want to hear satellite radio, I figure they will add another 3 million just to hear him. Add those in and I feel comfortable saying Stern alone will hand them 4 million new subscribers.. Again just a educated guess. Those people will end up paying around $250 a year each give or take. That’s a billion dollars. Sounds pretty fair to me even after announcing he would get 34 million shares of stock for meeting subscriber targets set forth in his contract from 2004. Here’s the problem. That stock is not free. I know its preferred and doesn’t come from the bottom line but money is money. If it doesn’t go to Stern it goes somewhere else to buy things. There are too many general shares out there as it is and although Stern’s are preferred, it seems like Sirius may need to do a reverse split here soon. There is no doubt satellite radio is the future. Some how you need to get in the minds of you possible subscribers and they have used Howard to do this. You can’t mention Sirius with thinking Stern. This needs to slowly change. If they build the company around Sirius and all it has to offer and not around Stern, this will be one of the best investments in entertainment history. I look for Sirius to make a good move after he’s been on the air a few months and all the people that are having withdrawals jump on board. Buy the stock and hold.