If you head to a traditional costume store for Halloween, chances are you’re going to end up matching someone else. Double down on that if you go with a trendy, popular option. For a get-up that no one else at the party will have, think outside the box. Here are six places to assemble a sweet costume that kicks other costumes’ asses.

Hardware Store
You’re down at the hardware store all the time anyway. Why not pick up a costume? The crafty man can fashion one out of just about anything at the local Home Depot. PVC piping and foam core? Bam! You’re a refrigerator. A shower curtain and some PVC? Bam! You’re a shower, Karate Kid style. There really isn’t much you can’t do with PVC piping and/or duct tape. Thinking simpler? Hardhat and toolbelt plus wifebeater equals “manly construction worker women can’t resist.” Safety goggles optional.

Makeup Aisle
In contrast to the hardware store, you probably don’t spend a lot of time here. Nor do you have the slightest idea what to do with the stuff you can buy within. But it’s highly likely that your girlfriend (or girl friends) know more than any human being should about magical face paints. Ergo, you can do something as basic as a zombie or vampire, but have it look really good—i.e., a hell of a lot better than a cheap rubber mask.

Vintage Clothing Store
Vintage clothing store aficionados know: Don’t even bother shopping during the month of October and most of November. This is because vintage clothing shops are the go-to place for Halloween costumes and take most of November to replenish their supply. You can get suits for a song if you want to be a 1920s gangster or anything else requiring vintage dress, from hippie to mod to grunge. And it’ll look much more convincing than the bagged costume store crap.

gangster costumes are badass

Garage Sales
One of the cool things about shopping at garage sales is that you don’t need the slightest clue what you want to be. Just hit the local yard or stoop sales this weekend and see what people have, then let what you find dictate what you dress up as. A lot of times, one unique item—like a random fedora or pipe—can plant the seed for a killer costume. (Editor’s note: a friend had a plastic Viking helmet from the Danish Burger King, and that inspired a sweet Viking costume consisting mainly of the helmet, facial hair, and a strategically cut Snuggie. True story.)

Drug Store
Drug stores always have costumes so pathetic and sad they almost make you want to cry when you realize some kid is going to be wearing it. Whatever. Get some irony points by wearing a costume you pick up for a couple bucks. Fewer things say “confidence” more than wearing a totally awful costume and not giving a crap. And few things get women excited more than confidence.

Uniform Supply Store
Women love a man in uniform and a uniform is an instant costume. You can be anything from a janitor to a police officer when you shop at a uniform supply store. This works well if you can’t be bothered to come up with something “original”… or just want to capitalize on women’s love of uniforms. We won’t judge.